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ZOLF – The Games

Unlike most backyard games, ZOLF was created to facilitate more than 15 different games with the easily-adjustable ZOLF game board and included accessories. It only takes a minute to set up, is easy to transport, and was built to last. Perfect for all ages, ZOLF is the one game that everyone at your party or event will enjoy.

We’ve come up with seven ZOLF versions of your favorite games including baseball, basketball, football, golf, horse, horseshoes, nascar road rally and soccer, and two original games, Zorn Hole and “31.”  And with an easy-to-change game board and simple game pieces, ZOLF allows you to create your own games and ways to play! The original ZOLF game allows you to play a fast-paced round of “golf” in your backyard or conference room, with no costly clubs, course memberships or caddies. ZOLF will provide hours of fun for family, friends, companies, employees and organizations.

ZOLF – The Values

With a mission to create a versatile game that everyone can enjoy, ZOLF was designed with the user in mind. The company prides itself on its values:

Family / Friends / Fun

Culture / Education / Leadership / Vision

Career / Growth / Opportunity / Success

ZOLF – The Company

Officially established in January 2012, the ZOLF USA Company was a dream long in the making. ZOLF was developed to be played for recreational purposes, but also to serve as a tool to facilitate community involvement, fundraising, and corporate teambuilding. With more than 25 years of corporate leadership, training and teambuilding experience, the ZOLF team can create a cost-effective event that meets the needs and budget of your company, organization or event.

P.O. Box 9834 The Woodlands, Tx 77387 United States 832-429-6531

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